Welcoming the Spring with Yoga

In springtime, the only pretty ring time,

When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;

Sweet lovers love the spring

As we say goodbye to Winter and begin to welcome in the Spring properly people throughout time have felt happier about the World. The above lines from Shakespeares As You Like It, conjures up the sense that Spring is to be celebrated as a reawakening of nature and the energy of life.

In yoga we can look to our own way of enjoying the fresh sun and the sound of nature, get to the park, stretch out and relax in the early morning before the world starts to join you!

It’s a good time, if you have one (!) to take a young child out with you and they can enjoy stretching to the tree pose, or perhaps taking the standing forward bend or  a peaceful warrior pose.

With the kids they can simply take off shoes and socks, strike a pose and get into the spirit of the Spring. The great thing with little kids is they will enjoy creating their own poses, maybe a bird or butterfly.

But, then again, there is nothing wrong with some time to yourself, and yoga exercises at any time of the day can calm the mind and reset your thoughts for the day. And Shakespeare is not entirely correct, it is not just lovers who can enjoy the spring, we all can.