Waking up the Senses through Practicing Yoga

Practising yoga can be enticing for the senses, and as spring awakens nature, so we can all benefit from reminding our senses that they are pulling away from the winter chill.

Let’s start with our sight.

Sight is appreciating the world around us, but it is more than appreciation alone in yoga. Place yourself in the tree pose, or balance on one leg and you will use the sense of sight to maintain pose and balance.

Now smell…

Hold the pose, breath deeply and take the spring air into your lungs. Find the smell of the morning or evening and hold it inside you. This is a most special time of year and as your body awakens you can be more alert to the smells that drift toward you.


Move into a prayer pose and touch your toes onto the mat, feel the space around you and draw it in. Touch helps the body appreciate what you can feel, it draws out the immediate environment and uses your feet as much as your hands to touch and feel.


Where are you on this spring day? If in your garden, take a stretch and listen for the sounds of the day, how nature wakes and joins you. If indoors what sounds surround you, when quiet how is the house talking to you?


Practice a pose such as the corpse pose. Stop and think for a moment, is there a taste in your mouth? Can you taste something? Allow yourself to be aware of the sense of taste and whether your sense of taste alters as the yoga practice continues.

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