How yoga helps maintain mental focus

The sheer number of people doing yoga internationally, the numbers who return to it privately or in classes, indicates that they are gaining something from it. Those participating in yoga make comments that it makes them feel calmer, more mentally focussed and happier. Happiness releases positive sentiments, something brought forward by the power of “om.”

There is a reason why yoga is used as part of treatment for those coming off drugs, suffering from eating disorders, insomnia or depression. It is used because it works. Sometimes it is just because we live such busy lives in the modern world. Medieval people lived within the family, would set aside time to pray and respected the natural cycle of the seasons. Yoga has existed for 5,000 years for a reason, it means ancient times hold hands with the present.

Of course, stress of any kind impacts into our sleeping and eating patterns and our ability to hold conversations and retain friendship. Through yoga we relax the brain, release positive chemicals and allow a sense of self again. See yoga as happiness therapy, it can set us up to feeling good, and get ready to walk the path of looking better.

We only have one body, so we really should make the most of it, and to gain that emotional resilience yoga is the way to go! As a last thought, those yogis who practice daily and meditate have been shown to have a larger right insula. Now this is the brain sector that develops body awareness, so there is everything to gain by putting aside 20 minutes a day for some yogic development!

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